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Bulldog Industrial Holdings Limited

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Stockport,  United Kingdom


Bulldog - Specialists in General Sheet Metal Working Machinery

Specialising in Machines to Roll Form, Lock, Fold, Bend, Shape, Cut, Guillotine, shear and swage sheet metal such as Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper and all other metals. Also Decoil, straighten, level, press feed, and recoil, processing where a machine is needed in the press shop. For Steel service centres we offer Decoiling lines and slitting lines also upender, coil car, uncoiler, stacker, and other accessories.

We also offer Used machines subject to availability, by RAS, Schechtl, Walton, Edwards, Morgan, Clark, Atkin, Oliver, Duplex, Boxer, Shorte, Formit, Rollsec, Metform, BHP, Fasti, Camu, Durmech, Bronx, Stamco, Boldrini, Blue Valley, Bollina, Grandini, Lockformer, Schlebach, Schroder, Fasti, Cidan and standing seam. For duct lockforming applications we offer Pittsburgh lock and Button punch snap lock joints as well as zipper and ziplok types. 

We offer Hand operated manual and Powered mechanical and hydraulic machines some with CNC or NC control. We serve the following trades - section rollforming, cladding, roofing flashing, storage, racking, steel furniture, automotive, presswork, air conditioning, ventilation, ductwork and construction.