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Frame Line for Air Conditioning Filters

Automated Filter Frame Production Line

The Line incorporates :



Double headed turret uncoiler of 1 ton capacity


V Notch, End Notches, Punches & Cut off Tool

The wide multi function hydraulic punching head is incorporated as part of the rollformer frame to save space and allow variations with ease .  There are 6  six functions catered for by different press heads activated hydraulically , Stroke / return times are approximately 0.5 second.


Rollforming machine

The versatile rollformer uses stands 1 to 4  to form the 2 safe edge details , and stands 5 to 10 for  the main 90 degree channel sides .  Width adjustments are carried out by a hand wheel with readout. Another hand wheel with readout is used to vary the height of the 90 degree flanges.  [The hand wheels also adjust the notch and punch heads and entrance guides as well as the rollformer adjustments.] Entrance guides can also be adjusted individually depending on whether the safe edge details are required or not.

This production line is capable of automatically producing the following baffle filter related components: -


Safety Edge Main Frame

Up to 3  V Notches  with  Lead and Trail End detail including holes and fixing lug with variable widths [ 12 mm- 65 mm ] and heights [ 10 mm - 23mm ] in  0.5mm Stainless Steel material .


Safety Edged Blades

Lead and trail End details incorporating fixing lugs in variable widths [ 12 to 65 mm ] & heights [10 mm - 28 mm ] in 0.5mm Stainless Steel material .


Inner Frame Sections

Ends without lugs with variable width [ 12 mm to 65 mm ] & height [10 mm - 23mm ] in 0.5mm Stainless Steel material .



Offloading Table - 3metre Bi Directional

Narrow products – A pneumatic drop-table tips one way, sending products into trolleys on wheels.

Wider products – A pneumatic drop-table tips the opposite direction, sending the parts onto a wide inclined table.



The machine mounted control desk contains all the necessary electrical hardware including the microprocessor PLC. 

A touchscreen display unit givers variables of 

frame type / width / height /length and quantity as well as  adjustment of variable length & hole pitches.

Alert messages & fault diagnostics are incorporated.