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Bulldog Industrial Holdings Limited

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Stockport,  United Kingdom


Bulldog - New Machines for General Sheet Metal and Roll Forming

 Bulldog Specialise in Machines to Roll Form, Lock, Fold, Bend, Shape, Cut, Guillotine, shear and swage sheet metal such as Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper and all other metals. Also Decoil, straighten, level, press feed, and recoil, processing where a machine is needed in the press shop. For Steel service centres we offer Decoiling lines and slitting lines also upender, coil car, uncoiler, stacker, and other accessories.

So no matter what machine your business needs Bulldog have the solution for your business.

General Sheet Metal Machinery

Standard equipment for day to day

applications. Shearing, Folding, Rolling, Notching, Swaging, etc.


CNC Sheet Folding Machines 

CNC power folders and Manual folders suitable for flashing and 
production applications.


Coil Processing Machinery

Decoiling, Cut to length, Slitting and Press Feed Equipment for Steel Service Centres and Press Shops.


Roll forming Equipment

Custom built, special purpose roll forming machines and automatic profiling production lines.