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Cut to Length Machinery

Above: Cut to length and slitting line of capacity 1500mm x 2mm x 10 tonne.

The model above was one of an order of 3 identical lines which were finally mounted into containers
to work on site during the construction of Riyadh Airport, Oman Airport and Hong Kong Airport.

This line incorporates uncoiler, hold down snubber role, coil car, automatic feed up table,
straightener, plastic film applicator, slitter head, guillotine sheer, part coil recoiler. 


Items to be incorporated in a line can be customised from a wide range of possible components including the following categories;

  • Slitter
  • Recoiler
  • Edge Trim Winders
  • Offload Capstain
  • Part coil Rewind
  • Stacker
  • Peeler
  • Punch



  • Straightener
  • Uncoiler
  • Coil Car
  • Recoiler
  • Notcher
  • Leveller
  • Feeder
  • Shear
  • Beader



Cut to Length Line

Lines can either be compact version of loop feed (or separate straightener) version, the latter often being required when pre painted or plastic coated materials are used.

Standard capacities available vary up to 1500mm wide.

Coil weights up to 15 tonne.

Maximum thickness 1.5, 2 or 3 mm.

Minimum thickness 0.45 mm

Other capacities can be quoted on request. 

Economy Steel Coil Processing

A low cost range of equipment is available for thickness of material up to 1 mm. This range includes steel coil slitting, cut to length and combination units. Especially suitable for light gauge users seeking the benefits of operating from coil without the usual capital outlay.

Standard Slitting Line Construction

The main fabricated steel frame is engineered to a high standard. The power units are self contained within the machine construction with compact dimensions requiring very little operating space. 

 Quick Change Slitting Line 

A unique computerised slitting head can be incorporated into lines. This involves a unique design of slitter knife, which can be automatically engaged/disengaged and traversed under power. All functions are governed by a central control so memorised set ups can be accessed automatically causing minimum down times in setting up.

Various Possibilities

Cut coils to desired widths (min 50 mm)up to 5 slits in maximum thickness capacity.

Recoil edge trim by means of option winders.

Cut coils to desired length.

Recoil the uncut part of the coil. This operation can be done whilst cutting your sheets with the guillotine on remaining part of coil.

Tramsfom the coil by cutting it into multiple widths and lengths.


Compact Cut to Length Machinery

 Above: This range of light duty coil processing equipment is suited for thinner materials upto 1mm or 1.2mm thickness and is available in widths of 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm. Uncoilers are available for 3 tonne and 5 tonne. 

A full range of A Frame unpowered uncoilers is also available.

The Range goes from