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Economical Light Duty Blanking Lines

1250mm x 1.2mm | B-Class

1250mm width  x 0.5 - 1.2mm thickness mild steel capacity

 line speed 25m / min

Motorized Decoiler & Coil Car option up to max. 5 t cap.
OR simple low cost “A” Frame Decoiler [like photo 6]

Adjustable entry guide by handwheel

Three idle rollers for coil “set” removal
- top roll 60mm dia. / bottom rolls 50mm dia.

Two rubber coated pinch rolls - diameter: 110mm
Pneumatic cylinders with manual control to lift the pinch rolls

Slitter Head
- shaft diameter: 100mm (with circular knife outer diameter: 150mm)
- quick clamp circular knives in special steel
- metric rule for positioning of knives, and handwheel to lift the knives

(Electronic stopping of the line when the last part to be made is under the slitting knives. [For scrap minimisation]
From the control panel the notice is given that knives must be lifted up; only once this is done, the material is fed to shear.)

Guillotine 1250mm, rigid construction, hydraulic
- power pack motor: HP 2.0

N B No Sheet Stacking is included

Feed speed adjustable from 0 to 25 meters per minute, controlled by touch screen

Numerical control SIPRO SIAX 80.
Interface with touch screen control panel
Enter up to 20 different lengths
Cutting accuracy + / - 1mm over 3 meters

Electrical control panel rotates
to operate the control from all positions

Drive motor: HP 3.00 / 380 Volts 50 Hz

Option: protective film dispenser > photo 8

CE compliant