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A standardised range is available in widths of

200/300/400/600/800/1000/1250/1500 mm in

various thickness capacities.

Machines can be supplied as fixed speed or

variable speed with loop control or encoder

measuring system for 'feed and stop' processes

(two speed versions can also be supplied for fast

forward and 'slow positioning' speed situations).

Machines are offered with differing numbers of

driven rolls for varying applications and optional

synchronised adjustment features. Automatic feed

up equipment can be arranged.


Rollfeeds, air pitch feeders and encoder measuring

systems can all be incorporated as required. It is

impractical to include specification details within

this page of capacities of individual items, please

enquire about specific requirements. 


Wider applications up to 1600 mm are catered
for. Rubber coated infeed pinch rolls controlled
vertically by pneumatic cylinders feed the
material forward through a series of opposing
rollers which depending upon their settings,
straighten the material removing coil "set"
(coil "set" is the effect that rolling the steel up into a
coil has on the steel which needs to be removed
to render it back to flat).

Adjustments of the levelling rolls are made by
hand wheel simultaneously raising and lowering
both sides of the roller.


Brush less Servo drive for press feed applications

where tolerances of  +/- 0.1 mm are required.

Various widths and thickness options can be