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Power Guillotine Shears


  • All steel fabricated construction giving rigidity and resistance to deflection. A Surplus of power from an electronically powered drive for effortless performance.

  • Low cutting angle produces straight cuts with minimum distortion of cut-offs.

  • Capable of shearing mild and stainless steels, and a wide range of non-ferrous materials.

  • Motor operated by a foot pedal giving instantaneous quiet operation.

  • The machines are fully guarded to European CE directive and can be supplied with a full range of ancillary equipment.

  • They are also ideal for incorporation into lines where reliability and low maintenance is required.

This machine Includes:

  • Front Arms - Squaring Guides.
  • Push Pull Back Gauge.
  • Double Edge Blades for MS or SS.
  • Extension Arms.
  • Rear Guard ( CE Approved).