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Sheet Metal Folding Machines

Box & Pan or Straight

Designed for the lighter folding operation (up to 1.6 mm M.S.). These well made fabricated folders include a full compliment of segmented fingers, vertical and horizontal adjustment of top beam for various material thickness. Vertical adjustment of folding beam for radius bends.

Model LBPFM is a floor mounted machine, whereas model BPFM may be either bench of floor mounted, and can be easily transported in a car or van.



  • Torsion bars to top and bottom to ensure accurate folds.
  • Removable angle blade for narrow return bends.
  • Available with flat or inclined fingers on bax and pan models.
  • Easily adjustable top beam for different material thicknesses.
  • Counter-balanced folding beam for easy operation.
  • Clamping beam raised from both ends of machine.
  • Self supporting top beam for radius bends.
  • Back gauge with angular adjustment.