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Cladding Lines

Models are customised from a standard range of components. Cladding / Flashing Machines are usually supplied with integral pneumatic cut off shear. Corrugators can be sheet fed. machines are dedicated to a particular profile - tool change or raft change machines can be quoted on request.

We offer a full range of Metal Cladding and flashing machinery  to form and fold the various panels of steel / galvanised /alumium  and plastic coated materials etc required for the roofing / composite panels/ purlins and building products industries

Above: Installation in Hereford UK.

Line Number 1: Dual level roll forming line with corrugated profile on the top tear and liner profile in the lower tear.  

Line Number 2: Dedicated line for 1000mm cover box profile (Trapezoidal).

Typical line incorporates; Uncoiler, adjustable entry guides. profile Rollformer usually 18-12 stands, profile shear (stop to cut), electronic control and batch counter. 



Click here to view Video of PFK Cladding line for box Profile

Click here to view Video of Rollform Mill rolling Box Profile

Click here to view Video of Roof Tile effect line and Ridge Cap Line

The main fabricated hollow box section steel frame is engineered to a high standard and the power units are self contained within the cladding machine construction. each roll pass comprises of a drop in bottom shaft running in self lubricating bearings and a vertically adjustable stop shaft. Drive in by chain transmission to bottom roll shafts only.

Usual drive is 22 kW motor through 40:1 ration gearbox on the standard machine. All tooling is made from high quality steel, hardened ground and polished. the compact dimensions requiring very little operating space.



  • Entry guide tables
  • Edge trim slitter
  • Exit conveyer
  • Automatic Stacker
  • Tight Tolerance
  • Electronic control


Bulldog ad cladding rollform & schechtl folder HIGH res.pdf


Particularly suited for manipulation of long yet thin sheet steel, this range of machines has been specifically designed for use in fabrication of flashing for the cladding trade.

Wide selections of capacities are available from 3 - 12 meters in length. The machines have the added advantage of a beam mounted slitting attachment, which can be manual or powered eliminating the need for a costly guillotine of matching length.