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Duplex Rollforming Machines

The range of Duplex rollforming machines is designed to rollform sections onto both sides of the panel simultaneously. Rollforming Machines are constructed with one fixed head and one adjustable head to allow varying widths of sheets to be formed. Since applications vary so greatly machines are custom built to take differing requirements into account.  

Left: A Duplex Rollforming Machine adapted for automated production with pre-punching and notching and automated end bending to create completed cold store panels from 1m to 6m in length and varying in width from 200mm to 1250mm.


Machines are constructed from high quality materials in an entirely new functional design with simplicity in mind, giving interchangeability of parts where possible and ease of operation. Adjustable heads can be manual or motorised to suit the budget and associated in line production equipment can be added to make a completely automated line.

Duplex rollformers can be offered with varying numbers to roll stations - typical machines usually vary from 8-16 stations with roll centers arranged to suit the specification section required. Light medium and heavy-duty machines are tailor made to suit, particular applications with forming speeds to suit.

Duplex Rollforming machines are commonly used in production of office furniture, steel shelving, domestic appliances, cold store panels, caravan trade and many more industries where variable widths of formed panel are needed.



In order to assist in quick changeovers from one profile to another,

machines can be fitted with rotating heads. this configuration can quickly present a

different set of tooling to the forming position without resetting new tooling. This

facility can be arranged for either two or four position turrets according to the number

of profiles to be formed. Different cassette heads with further options of tooling can also be arranged. 



A selection of profiles created via the Duplex Rollforming process.

Duplex Rollforming machines for simultaneously forming both sides of variable width panels. One fixed head with one adjustable head manual or powered.



Duplex Panel Rollformer with Double ended

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