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Roll Forming Machines

 A Roll Forming machine is a series of forming rollers which progressively take a flat piece of metal to produce a profiled component. This is usually done through a series of 4 to 24 pairs of rolls depending on the complexity of the profile.

Thicknesses of material can vary a little but the greater the range of thickness the less accurate the profile may become.

Depending upon the number of linear meters required a Roll Forming Machine will over take a press break or folding machine in efficiency and cost effectiveness after the break even point has been reached.

Above: A complex turning vain profile with fixing joint in stainless steel material.

Above: A family of profiles which interlock to create the pillars of a office partitioning system. 

Above: Sample profiles of some sectioned rolled 

Profile Width Adjustment

Sometimes when profiles are required with variable widths it may be desirable to use a “Duplex”  machine [ with 2 forming heads – one fixed and one adjustable to move closer and further away from the other , This is useful for mainly wider profiles such as supermarket shelves or cable trays.

When widths are not needed to be so wide another solution is possible with “ Roller Beam “ width variation as in the video


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